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Out Now!Out Now! Fuzzi Kittenz - DumBass

Yes “dum bass”: two guys in cat masks are back with an aptly titled pop/dance hybrid. Since bass is the essence of any good club track, the Fuzzi Kittenz have created a sexy dance stew that is brimming with that low end insanity that fuels the dance floor (bass, dum bass). Rocking the melody is the insanely talented sex kitten “Sassy Luvv”. Her lusty vocals are responsible for keeping those other two crazy kittiez in line and adding a touch of sultry seduction to every syllable. Dum bass: it’s one track you have to crank up to eleven in order to fully appreciate its power, but be warned if you find yourself in the proper position, the speakers will literally (yes *literally*) blow your pants off. With Sassy’s spine-tingling vocals melting into the throb of a stadium-deafening kick drum, the track has all the necessary anatomy to get a party to climax, even with the title, dum bass.

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